Q: How do I choose the correct length of curtain pole or curtain track?

A: Using a metal tape, measure the window recess as shown in the diagram below. Add a minimum of 15cm (6") overlap to each side of the window (B) to allow the curtains to stack back. Where possible the stack back should be greater for wider windows. For a window over 3m (10ft) a stack back of 20-30cm (8"-10") is preferable.

<h3>Curtain pole lengths quoted in our shop relate to the length of the curtain pole without the finials.</h3>

Pole Length

Q: How do I join longer curtain poles which are supplied in two lengths?

A: Use the joiner provided, for a pole the joiner inserts into the pole so it cant be seen, for tracks they sit on top or behind the track.

Q: Which diameter of curtain pole should I choose?

A: In general larger diameters of curtain pole will better support heavier curtains. All of our curtain poles state the weight of curtains that they are suitable for.

  • Light weight - voiles, sheer or thin fabrics or short curtains made of thin fabric with lightweight lining
  • Medium weight - most ordinary lined curtains fall into this classification, except those which are very long and wide
  • Heavy weight - heavy fabrics made into full length ceiling to floor lined curtains or very wide lined curtains
  • Extra heavy weight - this includes velvet and brocade fabrics and curtains which are interlined.

Q: Can I cut your curtain poles at home?

A: All of our curtain poles are designed to be cut at home. Metal curtain poles can be cut with a hacksaw, or for a totally square cut, use one of our special curtain pole cutters.

Wooden curtain poles can be cut with a fine tooth wood saw.

Helpful Hint: Always remember that when you are cutting a curtain pole that is in two pieces you must trim equal amounts from each side. It must also be the ends that the finials are on, as not to ruin the straight end you need to connect a pole in the middle. It also means if you have a little accident while cutting and it is slightly angled the finials will cover it up!! (We love a cheeky tip!)

Q: Can I hang eyelet or tab top curtains on your curtain poles.

A: Standard eyelets are usually about 40mm diameter and are suitable for metal curtain poles up to 30mm diameter. However, there are some curtains available with smaller 25mm eyelets and these must be used with poles under 20mm diameter. Buy the pole of your choice from our eyelet curtain pole range or, if you see a curtain pole with rings in our catalogue which is not available in our eyelet curtain pole section, then just discard the rings.

Please be aware that neither eyelet nor tab top curtains are suitable for bay curtain poles as they will not be able to pass the intermediate brackets.

Tab tops curtains are likely to require a 30mm diameter or narrower pole. Metal eyelet poles in a variety of colours and finishes and wooden curtain poles in classic colours or wooden curtain poles with special colours and finishes are equally suitable.

Q: Can I buy curtain poles that fix to ceiling?

A: Yes, there are a range of metal poles available in top fix. Top-fix metal bay poles are also available. We do not have any top fix wooden curtain poles but don't forget that tracks can be top fixed, unless they have a valance rail fitted.

Q: How do I attach my curtains to the curtain pole?

A: Curtains are best attached to the curtain pole so that the top off the curtain is level with the bottom of the rings. If the rings are fully or partially covered they will push the curtain heading forward from the curtain pole and prevent the curtain hanging properly.

For pencil pleat curtains place the curtain hooks in the top pocket of the heading tape and then into the eye of the curtain pole ring. For pinch pleat or goblet headings adjust the hooks so that the curtain hangs just beneath the rings as previously described.

Always fit the end ring between the bracket and the finial in order to keep the outer edge of the curtain in place when the curtains are closed.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing curtain pole colour and finial design?

A: This is where you have the chance to add your individual style to a room. Choose metal curtain pole colours that are similar to other metal features in the room or choose decorative metal or wood colours to compliment the colours in the curtains.

Choose modern simple designs if you want the window treatment to blend into the room. Choose more unusual or sumptuous designs if you want to make a real statement.

Always bear in mind that wooden curtain poles are made from a natural product and, even when a wood stain has been applied, the colour and grain may vary.

Q: What dimensions do your 3-sided and 5-sided bay pole kits fit?

A: Our 3-sided kit comes as standard with enough components to fit a 3-sided bay with a maximum window of 260cm and two sides of up to 99cm. For the 5-sided bay, the components will fit either:

  1. 1 window max. 125cm, 2 windows max. 100cm and 2 windows max 75cm, or
  2. 1 window max. 150cm, 2 windows max. 100cm and 2 windows max. 62.5cm, or
  3. 1 window max. 200cm, 2 windows max. 75cm and 2 windows max. 62.55cm.

Q: Where can I find fitting instructions for the products?

A: Take the following link: Installation Instructions Or look at the footer on each page, on the information page contect guide.

Q: How can I convert cm to feet and inches?

A: Take the following link: Length Converter

Q: What are your Terms & Conditions?

A: Our Terms & Conditions may be viewed via the following link: Terms & Conditions These can change at any time, so please check between purchases, if unsure.

Q: How do I get an exchange or refund?

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