Inspired 35mm Allure Burnished Brass Pole Set with Scepta finials


Brand: Allure

Total Price: 270.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Please note: Pole lengths from the drop-down list with a '*' are supplied in two pieces with a hidden joiner and an extra bracket to support the join.

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Pole lengths up to 480cm with only 2 end brackets and 1 central bracket!

A distinctive pole set with a touch of panache. This design, inspired by the flowing form of molten metal, will be the perfect finishing touch to your exquisite interior, creating a truly opulent display to frame your window.

  • Suitable for heavy weight curtains
  • Suitable for straight runs
  • Lined rings for smooth, quieter glide
  • Scepta finial Length: total length - 115mm; collar length - 27mm; finial length - 88mm; diameter - 40mm
  • All bracket designs are suitable for face-fix only
  • Curvature centre bracket dimensions: total length - 105mm; length to centre of pole - 81.5mm; footprint - 54.5mm x 25.5mm (Length x Width)
  • Curvature end bracket dimensions: total length - 135mm; length to centre of pole - 106.5mm; footprint 139mm x 26mm (Length x Width)
  • Linea standard bracket dimensions: total length - 140mm; length to centre of pole - 112mm; footprint diameter 71.5mm
  • Extended Linea bracket dimensions: total length - 175mm, length to centre of pole - 147mm; footprint diameter - 71.5mm
  • Extra packs of rings are available (See related products)
  • Poles may be reduced in length with a hacksaw though, for safety and a professional finish, a pole cutter is recommended (See related products)

Pack includes pole (when supplied in two lengths, a joining piece and extra bracket is provided), 2 finials, brackets, rings (1 per 10cm) and fixings.

Inspired 35mm Allure Burnished Brass Pole Set with Scepta finials
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