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Wooden Curtain Poles

There is a huge range of wooden curtain poles available in this section, combining both the traditional and more contemporary designs of finials. These high quality wooden poles range from diameters of 28mm to 63mm and are available in a wide selection of conventional, distressed and painted finishes to suit all personal tastes.

Wooden poles for heavy curtains

If you have heavy curtains, we recommend poles with at least a 45mm diameter, such as the Modern Country wooden poles. Extra heavy curtains, such as those made of velvet or brocade material or those that are interlined, ideally need a pole of 50mm to 63mm diameter. There is a wide choice available for this size, including the popular Florentine or Masterpiece collections.

Extra Long Wooden Curtain poles - Many of the wooden poles are available in lengths up to 480cm/15ft 9" and the Florentine or Modern Country ranges are available in lengths up to 600cm/19ft 9" - all with only one join and three brackets.

Helpful hint: Different brands will vary in colour from each other, so it is rarely possible to obtain an exact match other than by using the same brand. If you would like to try to match an existing ring that you use, please feel free to send one to us and we will do our best to match it for you.

Please note that some of the more expensive ranges of wooden poles are made to order and can take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Our wide range of elegant, classic and contemporary wooden curtain poles in classic finishes offer a large choice of design. There is everything from antique pine to the 'real' oak Lunar range, providing you with the opportunity to match your curtain pole with your existing furniture.

High quality wooden poles

These high quality poles are available in diameters from 28mm, all the way up to the 63mm Florentine collection. Many of the poles are also available in lengths up to 480cm/15ft9", with the Modern

If you have a recessed window or simply not enough space for normal brackets, then we have a selection of poles which are available with recess brackets. These include the Sienna, Tuscany, Raphael and Modern Country, which are available in lengths up to 300cm long.

For those on a budget, the Woodline wooden pole set is a very cost-effective way to dress your window, with prices starting at just £21.95.

Helpful Hint: If you require an extra long pole and have heavy - extra heavy curtains, we would suggest a thicker diameter pole of 45mm upwards. Generally, the thicker the pole, the stronger it is to withstand greater pressure from the weight of the curtains.

Free Delivery When you spend over £95

Discounts On Multiple Purchases

Low Prices Guaranteed On 100s of items

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