Honister 50mm pole set wirth ball finials Stone


Brand: Hallis Hudson

Total Price: 96.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Please note: Pole lengths from the drop-down list with a '*' are supplied in two pieces with a joining screw and an extra bracket to support the join.

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Excellent value Light Oak wooden pole set!

A traditional hand drawn wooden pole set with ball finials to suit both classic and modern interiors.

  • 28mm diameter poles - suitable for medium weight curtains
  • 35mm and 50mm diameter poles - suitable for heavy weight curtains
  • Suitable for straight runs
  • Classic wooden ball finials
  • Finial length:
    1. 28mm and 35mm poles: 90mm
    2. 50mm pole: 117mm
  • Superior 1-piece (wall-fix only) cup brackets with 3 screw fixing
  • Overall bracket projections (from wall to front of pole):
    1. 28mm poles: 110mm
    2. 35mm poles: 120mm
    3. 50mm poles: 150mm
  • Bracket backplate diameters:
    1. 28mm poles: 30mm
    2. 35mm and 50mm poles: 40mm
  • Poles may be reduced in length with a wood saw
  • Packs of additional rings are available (See related products)
  • Matching holdbacks, sold in pairs, are available (See related products)

Pack includes pole (if supplied in two pieces then a joining screw is also provided), 2 finials, rings (1 per 10cm/3 per foot), brackets and fitting instructions.

Honister 50mm pole set wirth ball finials Stone