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Eyelet Curtain Poles (Suitable for eyelet or tab top curtains)

Most eyelets used for this type of curtain are about 40mm in diameter which means that for the eyelets to glide smoothly and easily over the pole, a pole of 30mm diameter or less should be used. Poles of 35mm are NOT suitable because the curtains will neither travel along the pole well or drape in an attractive manner.

Our eyelet curtain poles come in a variety of finishes including chrome, satin silver, brass and black. 28mm metal poles, without rings, and up to 480cm/15' 9" long, are available in a range of colours for use with eyelets (with an internal diameter of 40mm) or tab-top curtains.

Eyelet pole collection

We recommend using 28mm metal curtain poles for eyelet curtains rather than wooden poles, although both types of pole can be used with tab-top curtains. Again, this type of curtain will need the pole to be less than 30mm in diameter or there will not be enough room for the tabs to pass freely over the pole.

We do not recommend combining eyelet curtains with top-fix brackets, as there is often not enough room for the fabric above the pole and which will impede the drawing action of your curtains.

Don't forget that if you find a ringed pole that you like which isn't available in the silver eyelet pole section, you can still order the product and simply discard the rings to get the same effect. But please remember, eyelet curtains cannot be used for a bay window pole set, because the eyelets are unable to pass over the intermediate brackets and corner joints.

Free Delivery When you spend over £95

Discounts On Multiple Purchases

Low Prices Guaranteed On 100s of items

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