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Curtain Poles

This section has all of our ranges from all of our site. Catagorised by type of pole to help search quicker for a specific example. Once you have decided if you want a metal or wooden pole you will then be directed on the specifics you are looking from a pole for example a metal eyelet pole, or a dark oak wooden pole.

Bay poles are very popular right now with show homes on new build having bay windows almost as a standard these days. We have a wide range of bay poles in various colurs with lots of different designs.

Double curtain poles are a fabulous option for curtains and voiles or sheer curtains. The front poles are 28mm for standard or eyelet curtains, (the rings would need to just be discarded for eyelets, then the back pole can be another 28mm pole or a 19mm pole. This also means if a 28mm/28mm option was chosen you could have a working pair of curtains on the back pole, with some dress curtains on the front for an added sumptuous look.

Mix and match can be used to make your own style pole.

If you cant find what you are looking for then see if it can be made. If you cant find anything in mix and match then please email us your spec and we can see if we can help find a product that works and work out a custom quote for you.

Curtain poles come in an amazing variety of styles and materials, with different attachments and hundreds of decorative finials to choose from.

There is sure to be something to match your décor or refurbishment plans at Poles & Tracks. We have curtain poles made from metal or wood, for hanging eyelet curtains, double curtains and bay window curtains.

We also have artisan dormer rods and can provide extra-long curtain poles if required.

If you require a custom quote please email your spec to customerservices@polesandtracks.co.uk

Free Delivery When you spend over £95

Discounts On Multiple Purchases

Low Prices Guaranteed On 100s of items

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