Cording kit for the Discreet track.

Ref: discreet cord

Brand: Poles and Tracks

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The cording set will allow a Discreet track to be a corded curtain track to operate a pair of curtains or a single curtain and includes all the necessary components needed.

The Discreet Track Cording Set will allow the control cords to be set to either the left hand side or right hand side of the track. By removing 1 overlap arm the track will open and close a single sided curtain rather than a pair.

Kit Includes:

fitting instructions.

1 x White cord in 1 piece with a total length of 1500cm.

1 x Pair of overlap arms to eliminate gaps when the curtains are closed.

2 x Pulley units which fit at both ends of the track.

1 x Cord tensioner which keeps the cord tensioned within the channel of the track.
Cording kit for the Discreet track.
  • Cording kit for the Discreet track.  Thumbnail